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No More Ecological Tragedies Thanks to Neutrino Energy


International pressure is building to put a stop to the environmental devastation produced by fossil fuels at the moment. While everyone is focused on climate change, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger ecological catastrophe that petrochemicals have wrought: the buildup of plastic and poison.

Petrochemical production releases carcinogens and genetic modifiers into the food and water supply, while plastic waste pollution has reached historic levels of severity. The first step toward overcoming the challenge is to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, and neutrino energy will serve as a stepping stone for our next jump into space.


Ecological crises are being ignored

Having to concentrate on the bad impacts of climate change in order to avoid paying attention to the terrible ecological disaster that has been going on since the 1950s is a terrifying experience for many people. When companies like DuPont figured out how to manufacture plastics and other synthetic materials, we felt we’d discovered our salvation. It was impossible for us to predict at the time, however, that these fossil-fuel-derived molecules would have such a devastating influence on our environment that a few degrees of global warming would look like a piece of cake in comparison.

The Pacific Ocean is now surrounded by massive islands of plastic trash, most of which was generated by China. Our use of synthetic substances like xenoestrogens is causing harm and altering plant, animal, and, of course, human life all over the world, and we must stop this practice. We attempted to play God as a race without having the vision to see it through, and the agreement we made with the devil in order to get access to the abundant supply of fossil fuels is about to expire.

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We Must Eliminate Petrochemicals and Fossil Fuels

As long as people continue to rely on fossil fuels for their energy needs, we will continue to use these toxic substances in industry as well. It is impossible to resist the temptation of petrochemical-based plastics, and we will never be able to free ourselves from the non-biodegradable mass of waste that is creeping on us from every direction until we entirely remove fossil fuels from the equation.

It is true that the human race would not have reached its present level of development without the use of fossil fuels, but if we are to break free from the orbit of yesterday’s wrongdoings, we must give up on this “booster rocket.” No one living today was responsible for the extensive use of fossil fuels and petroleum-based chemicals, but it is our generation that will appropriately bid adieu to a source of energy that has outlived its usefulness in our society.


Truly green energy will lead to more manufacturing innovations

The introduction of petrochemicals was such a watershed point in the history of human industrial progress that the ramifications are still being felt now. It’s tough to imagine a civilization without petroleum-based polymers and fuels, but manufacturing scientists are proving that it’s doable.

Drinking straws made of petrochemicals are out of favor or downright prohibited in many places, and major manufacturers are shifting to plant-based polymers that are highly biodegradable. While dealing with foreign polluters like China will be necessary before we can achieve any significant success in fighting the environmental effects of petrochemicals, actions like these are nonetheless critical in the continuing cultural war over humanity’s fate.

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Petrochemicals will play a reduced part in our lives in the future as we rely less on fossil fuels for energy, and it will finally be economically feasible to address the harm that fossil fuels represent to every living person on the planet. Even more perilous is the desire to panic and discard all of our technical triumphs, so we must take our time, not hurry, to the dazzling “EXIT” sign at the end of the fossil fuel hell that mankind has mistakenly entered.


Neutrinovoltaics Is Here Thanks to The Neutrino Energy Group

Renewable energy technologies are clearly the way of the future, but until recently, the status of research and technology in the renewable industry was not advanced enough to fulfill the world’s power demand. While it will take some time for the world to completely switch over to renewable energy sources, we now have the technology to get us there.

Founded by German energy scientist Holger Thorsten Schubart, the Neutrino Energy Group (NEG) is a worldwide consortium of physics and engineering geniuses who have come together because of their common conviction to pave the way for humanity’s long-term existence. Schubart and his colleagues at the Neutrino Energy group are working on systems that harness the kinetic energy of neutrinos and other invisible radiation to generate power, building on the work of Takaaki Kajita and Arthur McDonald, among others. Neutrino energy infrastructure is now being built across the globe, and neutrinovoltaics, in conjunction with other renewable energy technologies, will eventually eradicate the danger posed by petrochemicals for good.

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