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The Neutrino Energy Revolution


Skepticism still exists. There are still others who do not perceive – or do not want to realize – the potential of neutrinovoltaics. Nonetheless, worldwide study has long demonstrated the astonishing potential of neutrino energy: The great technology developed by Neutrino Energy Group, when deployed across a large region, is capable of fixing all of the world’s energy issues in one fell swoop!

Initially, it was disputed that it was technically and physically viable to create power from neutrino and other non-visible radiation. Even though two researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in the fall of 2015 for their efforts in neutrino research, the hoped-for universal reassessment did not occur.

Separately, Canadian Arthur McDonald and Japanese scientist Takaaki Kajita demonstrated that neutrinos had mass. For the first time, they were able to clearly assign a mass to them using novel measuring techniques. The surprising results rocked the mainstream understanding of particle physics. Until then, no mass had been assigned to neutrinos, which move through practically any kind of matter without leaving a trace in order to keep the system in its established shape.

Although extensions of the Standard Model existed in which neutrinos were not required to be massless in order to provide valid findings, opposition to reformulating the model remained. It was still too difficult to detect neutrinos’ extremely weak interactions with matter and give circumstantial evidence for particle mass. Even when the Nobel Prize was granted to the two physicists who had succeeded in doing so, few people realized the potential that the scientists’ discovery would open up for humanity at the time.

Neutrinos and other non-visible radiation bombard our world endlessly, at any time of day or night, and regardless of weather conditions. The high-energy particle stream is imperceptible. Unlike photons from solar radiation, neutrino elementary particles are not visible and cannot be seen directly. Extensive tests and experimental setups were required in the early stages of their observation to verify their existence.

In the meanwhile, neutrinos and other non-visible radiation may be detected with detectors the size of a coffee pot. It has long been established that they can create power even in full darkness. Neutrino Energy Group currently has an international patent for a substance that can generate energy from neutrinos for any energy demand. To serve whole families, small power plants the size of briefcases may be given. Neutrino technology powers e-cars that can travel hundreds of kilometers without emitting any emissions and eliminate the need for charging at power outlets.

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Because the stream of particles never runs out, the United States Department of Energy has already declared neutrinos to be the energy source of the future.

Photovoltaics, too, was underappreciated in its early years of development. In addition, the huge potential of photovoltaics was not appreciated in the early stages. Only gradually, and especially in the case of the Neutrinovoltaic, did the public, the press, and policy come to a long-needed reconsideration.

Similarly, to how the vast prospects of photovoltaics went unnoticed in its early years, and its efficiency was questioned or catalyst technology was mocked, neutrinovoltaic research is often confronted with the task of dispelling suspicions. In the face of naysayers, the scientists engaged must not lose the bravery of their ideals or the essential fortitude for further scientific effort. Despite all opposition, they continue to defend their initiative and persistently push it ahead.


Neutrinovoltaic – A Solar Cell Without the Need for Light

Although, using a solar cell as an example, one may already get very near to the future capabilities of neutrinovoltaics. The primary distinction between photovoltaics and neutrinovoltaics is that the latter does not function with light or the visible spectrum of cosmic radiation, but may create electrical energy in the dark from the kinetic energy of the never-ending particle stream. This contains tremendous and, especially when compared to photovoltaics, unimagined prospects for future energy production.

This is due to the fact that neutrino converters operate independently of light irradiation or intensity. They can transform the invisible radiation spectrum from space into energy at any time and from any location on the planet. As a result, the global energy markets, industry, and economy will undergo profound transformations in the next years.

Massive revolutions will occur throughout whole economic sectors. Some sectors will vanish or be forced to remake themselves, while today’s unseen players will emerge with new possibilities, immense promise, and a variety of applications and products previously unimagined.


Neutrino Energy Group Is Prepared to Revolutionize the World’s Energy Market

Neutrino Energy Group is one of, if not the most significant in the worldwide energy market, that is only waiting to take the lead in reforming the energy sector and delivering the unique technology it has produced to all households.

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The team of research scientists and economists led by mathematician Holger Thorsten Schubart is working on the development of user-friendly and application-strong products and technologies that provide environmentally friendly electricity from neutrino radiation or make electricity from cosmic rays directly usable in the household or on the street as a subsidiary of the US company Neutrino Inc.

The researchers have already made progress toward their initial target. Small electrical equipment may be powered using neutrino inside technology, for example. Neutrinovoltaics technology may easily provide enough energy for cell phones, without which future markets would be unimaginable. The built-in neutrino energy cells in cellphones, hearing aids, and pacemakers allow them to be recharged wirelessly at any time.


It is only up to us

There will be no more wars or games of power over the last remaining fossil fuels once the Neutrinovoltaic alternative is accessible to everyone. This means that mankind’s geopolitical disputes will be resolved. With this new technology that represantes peace and freedom, all nations and people on the planet may have access to clean, renewable energy that is distributed fairly.

Irreversible climate change is being caused by the use of fossil fuels, and it is becoming more obvious. All of our lives will drastically alter in the next several years. We have found a sustainable technique for generating energy from neutrinos and other non-visible radiation that we are committed to using in order to keep our society safe and stable, even if we don’t have limits, prohibitions, or renunciations.

Our health and well-being will not be jeopardized if we are successful in realizing our dreams of a healthy environment and in turning them into new realities via our collective efforts. Everything depends on us. Our judgments may be improved for everyone if we consider the most recent scientific discoveries and climate change studies. Taking the time to think through intriguing ideas to the finish and examining all the possibilities and chances for the future is part of this.

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