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Tesla Autobidder & Neutrinovoltaic Energy


An industry-changing development is currently underway that could change the way electricity is being used in homes in Europe and the USA. This is due to the creation of the Autobidder system by the company Tesla.

The Autobidder is a system invented by Tesla for solar energy management and accumulators in the form of a battery to store electricity in homes. This makes Tesla the first energy operator in Germany as well as in other countries such as France, Spain and Italy. This system works with a very advanced software called Autobidder. Nowadays, the companies with the biggest business projection in the world are linked to energy and technology, such as Apple, Google as well as many companies in the energy sector, both electric and oil companies, as there is a big business in this sector and Tesla is beginning to introduce itself in a very intelligent way and in such a way that its presence in the energy sector is not rejected by government laws that could hinder the energy management business of Tesla’s model.

Tesla’s plan is to become an energy operator, not just to power its car charging points, but to produce energy in partner homes, store it, then distribute it and sell it on the energy grids of each of these countries. Tesla’s plan is to sell its Tesla Solar photovoltaic energy system to private users. In this way, Tesla will be adding users of this system so that in each home that has the photovoltaic panel system, in addition to charging an electric car, it will also provide the electricity necessary to cover the total electricity consumption that each home needs. In turn, the surplus electricity will be stored in intelligent accumulators that will use this surplus reserve to be inserted and sold into the conventional electricity grid of each locality if demand so requires.

For them, the intelligent management of the Autobidder software will take the accumulated energy and will be able to use it whenever the conventional electricity grid has a high demand in certain circumstances in each place in each region. Tesla has a very well-thought-out system for the placement of the home system, with very convenient financing and accessible costs that allow in an appropriate timeframe to achieve a reduction in the cost of the energy consumed by a home, with the consequent saving of money and consumption of clean energy. It is assumed that once the contract for the installation of the Autobidder system has been signed, it will be installed within 48 hours.

The most interesting thing is that Tesla will be able to sell the surplus energy accumulated in each home, with the clear advantage that each user will be able to lower their own energy costs even further. Seen in this way, the advantages of having this energy system in every home are clear. Tesla, in its expansion plan, has secured a new business concept in the energy consumed in each home that has the Autobidder system, and therefore, Tesla will take advantage of all customer installations to become suppliers and balancers of the electricity grid in each of the countries. And that is where software intervenes that will allow, in the case of peak demand, to connect via artificial intelligence and via algorithms to all the batteries available in the country that use Tesla Solar, sell and pour intelligently at times of peak demand and therefore at the time that best pays for the energy that its customers have accumulated.

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The clear example is that each home that has the Autobidder system installed will be able to accumulate energy during the day. Part of that energy will be used in the home, and part will be accumulated in the batteries. Then it will be Tesla’s management system that will decide when to supply the remaining energy.


The Alternative from Neutrino Energy Group

In the renowned institute NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP in Berlin, Germany, truly amazing engineering events are taking place, this is due to the constant development and study of neutrinovoltaic energy, a subject of which the NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP has plenty of experience thanks to the extraordinary contribution of the staff of scientists, mathematicians and doctors in physics that make up its staff. In turn, the NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP is associated with the C-MET Institute of Pune India, which is the most prestigious institute in India for the study of advanced materials and even nanomaterials, which are the star of science today.

Several studies concerning neutrinovoltaic energy are being developed and successfully tested in the NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP and among several research projects are highlighted items of common use such as smartphones, watches, notebooks and any type of devices that can be powered by electric current, but with the caveat that these devices can produce their own energy to operate and do not have to be plugged into the conventional power grid.

This really changes everything regarding the use of every device that works with neutrinovoltaic energy, since a cell phone or any device that has neutrinovoltaic technology will no longer have to be plugged in to recharge its internal batteries, but the device itself will produce enough energy to operate without time limits, allowing it to constantly recharge its internal battery.

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There is also in full development an automobile that works with neutrinovoltaic energy called CAR PI which is in the testing stage. This revolutionary automobile works with the energy provided by the Neutrinos and other non-visible radiations that constantly bombard the planet earth from all points of the galaxy and especially from the nuclear fusion of stars, black holes and mainly from the creation of the universe in the Big Ban. Neutrinos are microparticles much smaller than the size of a neutron and have the ability to travel at the speed of light passing through any object or planet that gets in their way.

Neutrinos are of three different forms, there are electron, muon, and tau, in their journey at enormous speeds have the ability to change state in its three forms due to the property of oscillation during its trajectory. Neutrinos have mass and this discovery has allowed them to produce energy by means of advanced technology. The process of capturing Neutrinos and other non-visible radiations occurs through doped graphene nanomaterial plates capable of capturing the energy of Neutrinos and other non-visible radiations transforming its energy into small subatomic oscillations that are harnessed by capacitors and amplifiers specially designed to generate electricity.

Such a development allows certain objects with this revolutionary technology to be energy autonomous. This allows greater utilization of these devices in circumstances that are impossible today with plug-in recharging technology.

Just as technology has advanced with solar panels and allows us to harness the sun’s rays to obtain electricity through a chemical process, neutrinovoltaic technology will make any type of devices that can run on electricity or batteries charged with electricity truly autonomous and no longer require being plugged into the conventional power grid but will be the devices that produce their own operating energy. There is work being done today to produce tiles with neutrinovoltaic technology to capture neutrinos and other non-visible radiations and produce enough electrical energy to run the electricity needed for home use and even store it in batteries and capacitors.

For the remaining energy providers, this will be a scientific breakthrough in the pursuit of developing engineering that is available to everyone to supply clean, sustainable, and environmentally friendly electricity. Undoubtedly the NEUTRINO ENERGY GROUP is making great strides towards the future of humanity through its neutrinovoltaic technology.

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