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A One-of-a-kind Energy Source

Artist’s impression of the quasar 3C 279

On the global scale, there is an urgent need today for the development of a source of electrical energy that can be used to replace the existing system of power generation, which is based on the combustion of fossil fuels. For the most part, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind have obvious drawbacks that prevent them from being widely used and from providing any economic benefits to the majority of the world’s population. Despite the fact that the widespread use of natural gas during the transition period consumes less energy than coal, it still results in greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. As a result of these efforts, many countries are attempting to promote the use of electric vehicles, which pollute the environment by consuming more electricity generated in ways that are not currently considered to be environmentally friendly, and this trend is becoming more pronounced with each year.

In a world where geopolitical and warlike conflicts are currently being fought all over the planet, a world where everything revolves around fossil fuel reserves. One can’t help but be frustrated and feel hopeless when hearing the daily press.

However, hope shines through even in the darkest of circumstances. Hope is the light that brings us out of the shadows., and in this case, hope is “Neutrinovoltaic” an energy source unlike any other, representing Peace and freedom.

A large number of the largest corporations in the world have made significant investments in the search for promising technologies to capture electrical energy. None, however, has achieved the level of success that the Neutrino Energy Group has in the last 2-3 years. In this regard, their journey has been a massive success. The company, which has its headquarters in Berlin, has experienced exponential growth. Thanks to their Neutrinovoltaic Technology which embodies the meaning of peace and freedom, the entire scientific community across the globe is in awe. The globe will soon be able to witness a new kind of everlasting and environmentally beneficial energy generation.

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Here’s all you need to know about Neutrinovoltaic Technology

In 2015, two independent scientists, Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur McDonald of Canada, revealed that neutrinos – minuscule beams of cosmic particles that permeate nearly everything in the universe – did, in fact, have mass. Furthermore, e=mc2, or that everything with mass contains energy, is based on Einstein’s Relativity Theory. Due to their work, both researchers were honored with a Nobel Prize in Physics for their discoveries.

The next step, which the Neutrino Energy Group has taken, was to accomplish what was previously considered to be impossible – harnessing that energy for power production. In essence, using neutrinos and other non visible radiation as an energy source is analogous to using a photovoltaic (PV) solar cell. Instead of capturing neutrinos and other non visible radiation, a fraction of their kinetic energy is extracted and turned into power.

The Neutrinovoltaic technology uses a multilayer nanomaterial made of graphene and doped silicon. Graphene is able to capture electricity from the environment, which has been confirmed by several scientists in recent years. However, due to graphene’s low current and voltage per unit surface, it cannot be used to produce energy. The Neutrino Energy Group developed a multilayer generating nanomaterial that increased the power received per unit of working area by orders of magnitude.

One significant benefit is that the procedure does not need sunshine. Neutrinovoltaic can convert sections of energy into electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever in the globe. “The most important thing to understand is that with this technology – you can compare it to the solar cell – and you can have a little solar cell in any electrical device, and of course you can have a little neutrino cell directly implemented in any electrical device,” says Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of Neutrino Energy Group.

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Since neutrinovoltaic technology currently works in laboratories, experts worldwide are attempting to improve it. The Neutrino Energy Group has established a relationship with one of the world’s premier institutes for electronic materials research and development, C-MET in India.

The electric Car Pi is now a step closer to becoming a reality thanks to the efforts of the two partners. This new and unique intelligent partnership might begin to revolutionize both the automobile sector and the production of energy. thanks to Neutrinovoltic technology, Car Pi will be the world’s first electric vehicle with a carbon body, an ultra-light, super-hard wonder material that directly integrates neutrinovoltaic cells. The energy converters are built into the body in all cavities, allowing the Pi-Car to be self-sufficient in terms of charging stations, battery swaps, and petrol stations. If carefully thought out and scaled out, this technical breakthrough, namely the collecting of energy from a variety of sources in the environment, may assist in addressing global energy challenges and meeting climate obligations. CAR Pi is a game-changing invention capable of realizing the goal of mobility in the next years without the need for a petrol station or a charging station.

A large and complex project such as this has been sought after by Neutrino Energy Group for some time, as Holger Schubart points out; “we are glad to go this way together with such an important strategic partner as C-MET, known for its top levels of specialists, recognized throughout the world”

The discovery of Neutrino Energy and other non visible radiation supplies humanity with a long-awaited, reliable solution to the current energy crisis. Neuinovoltaic device research is now in its early phases, but it is predicted that this innovation will one day be widely recognized as a credible response to the world’s energy needs, much like photovoltaic cells have done in recent years.

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