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Permafrost and Neutinovoltaic Energy


Global warming, which has been continuously raising the temperature of the atmosphere, is causing a variety of changes in different parts of the world, mostly in the regions near the poles.

Because of the cold temperatures near both poles, there are also large amounts of water frozen in the ground and rocks that aren’t in contact with the air, which means that there is a significant amount of ice under the ground known as PERMAFROST, which is melting and causing various types of damage, which has an impact on the environment. This is due to global warming and is having an impact on nature.

At the same time, there is a phenomena of flammable ice spheres on the seabed because the sea temperature is extremely cold at latitudes near the poles and the immense pressure below 500 meters gives the proper circumstances for the development of semi-liquid water in the form of ice balls.

These spheres contain significant amounts of methane gas, which comes from all the organic matter and carbon that has accumulated on the ocean floor, and this ice is very distinctive because, once extracted from the seafloor, we can see that the ice lights up like a log when we bring a flame close to it. This is because the ice has trapped methane gas inside it, making it combustible and hence a potential source of energy.

The Japanese are in the forefront of harnessing the energy of oceanic methane gas, having devoted time and engineering in studying and harnessing the energy-rich ice on the seafloor and the earth’s permafrost.

Methane Hydrates is the scientific name for these resources. The Japanese are doing research and engineering advancements to attain success off their wide maritime coastline, notably in the Nankai Trench, where methane hydrate extraction experiments are being conducted with varying degrees of success.

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All of this activity indicates a lack of reliance on gas exports to the Japanese islands, as well as their reliance on gas exports for industry and heating Japanese houses. In addition to reducing the use of oil and taking use of this element, which delivers enormous volumes of gas trapped in the seabed and is a more ecologically friendly and abundant alternative.

Energy alternative concepts are constantly being discussed, and engineers and business are putting out enormous efforts to replace the usage of fossil fuels in order to prevent global warming and favor climate change.

Neutinovoltaic Energy

Similar to the use of wind in wind power generation, Neutrinos and other non-visible radiations also convert their own energy into electricity. Analogous to the way wind is harnessed in wind turbines, Neutrinos set an extremely dense surface in subatomic oscillations in motion. A special material based on graphene doped with Kevlar fiber and other high-tech components harnesses the oscillations produced by the Neutrinos and other non-visible radiations in multi-layered resonances.

However, despite the fact that it was initially difficult to obtain a sufficiently sophisticated material for use in the Neutrino trajectory, today, a number of suitable materials have been developed. In addition, the excellent shape of the doped graphene plates allows for the harnessing of essential micro-vibrations in the creation of energy via the incorporation of cutting-edge capacitors and enhancers, resulting in a reduction in overall power consumption.

Scientists and mathematicians from across the world have joined forces to make the job of producing power from neutrinos and other non-visible radiations achievable via the use of cutting-edge technology.

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Neutrino Energy Group is currently successfully developing the Neutrinovoltaic Technology in laboratories around the world. Thanks to the efforts of its CEO, Holger Thorsten Schubart, in direct collaboration with the renowned Indian physicist Dr Vijay Pandurang Bhacktar, who is the head of the C-MET Institute, at the same time the PI CAR is being developed, an electric car capable of using this technology to charge itself 24 hours a day. It is indicated by the Neutrino Energy Group that neutrinovoltaic energy will first be used to power smartphones and laptop computers, along with pacemakers and other small devices. However, in the future, this energy source will be capable of supplying all electrical needs for a household.

Future generations may be able to meet their energy needs without the need for inefficient infrastructure, competition for scarce natural resources, or an increase in environmental burden, all of which necessitate immediate action to avoid a climate catastrophe from occurring. The new technology has the potential to make this possible. In order to harness the power of cosmic radiation, neutrino energy and other non-visible radiations must be used in conjunction with one another. Neutrinos are unquestionably the heroes of the coming revolution, which will usher in a significant technological shift and, as a result, the replacement of current electrical energy sources.

Because neutrinovoltaic cells do not need visible light to function, they may generate energy at any time of day or night. Neutrinos are, as a result, a source of energy that represents peace and freedom while also serving as a boundless and unending resource, with all of the implications that this entails.

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