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A world free from the shackles of fossil fuels draws ever nearer


A cursory inquiry into the realm of fuel-free power generators through the vast expanse of internet search engines yields an abundance of schematics and blueprints for various products. Astonishingly, many of these concepts were conceived long ago, yet the instances of their practical implementation remain disappointingly rare. The question that naturally arises is why these seemingly indispensable inventions languish in obscurity, never advancing into the realm of widespread production and practical application.

This enigma defies easy resolution. It encompasses a labyrinthine web of factors, including the enduring dominance of energy industry monopolies, whose vested interests vehemently oppose any potential competitors. Additionally, it encompasses the limitations and constraints faced by inventors, often hindered by the lack of financial resources necessary to propel their innovations into industrial-scale production. Many visionary inventors, in their quest to safeguard their groundbreaking creations, embark on the arduous journey of establishing their own production facilities, despite their dire shortage of funds and inexperience in the realm of manufacturing.

Nonetheless, it becomes abundantly clear that organizing the industrial production of fuel-free power generators is a challenge no less daunting, if not more so, than conceiving the invention itself. The annals of history are replete with the poignant tales of brilliant minds such as Nikola Tesla and John Bedini, who labored tirelessly in pursuit of their groundbreaking ideas. Yet, their pioneering works, while contributing to our understanding of fuel-free power generation, regrettably failed to catalyze mass industrial production. It stands as a poignant tragedy for these visionary individuals and a squandered opportunity for humanity at large.

Holger Thorsten Schubart, President of the Neutrino Energy Group, articulates a profound insight: “A distinguished scientist and inventor do not necessarily embody exceptional organizational prowess; hence, the imperative arises for individuals to excel in their respective domains.” It is this very ethos that prompted our company to relinquish the notion of establishing its own production line for the illustrious Neutrino Power Cubes. This strategic pivot underscores the paramount importance of swift transition into mass production.

The astute managerial acumen within Neutrino Energy Group has yielded a fortuitous alliance with prominent industrial enterprises spanning diverse global territories. These visionary entities, having secured licenses for the pioneering Neutrinovoltaic technology from our organization, have undertaken the resolute task of initiating a comprehensive metamorphosis within their production infrastructures. Simultaneously, they have embarked on a judicious procurement endeavor to acquire the requisite materials and state-of-the-art equipment. This symbiotic collaboration marks a pivotal step towards the realization of our collective vision.

The Neutrinovoltaic project has achieved a remarkable milestone in its evolutionary journey – the initiation of field trials featuring the revolutionary Neutrino Power Cubes, boasting a net power output of 5-6 kilowatts each. This pivotal phase shall witness the deployment of 100 to 200 pre-industrial, fuel-free power generators. These Neutrino Power Cubes shall be lovingly embraced within the homes of eager Austrian residents who have eagerly volunteered to be partakers in this audacious experiment, set to span a duration of 6 to 9 months. What sets the Neutrino Power Cube apart is its autonomous nature; it does not seek to walk in tandem with the conventional power grid. Instead, it charts its own course towards a future unburdened by the shackles of fossil fuels.

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As the sun of innovation rises, it casts its warming rays on the commercial production of Neutrino Power Cubes. In the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, early 2024 shall herald the commencement of licensed production. The following chapter unfolds in Korea, with the launch of three production facilities slated for late 2024. In a crescendo of progress, these endeavors aim to attain a staggering annual production capacity of 30 gigawatts by the year 2029. This grand production spectacle is not just for show; it carries a profound purpose.

The primary audience for this burgeoning energy source is the discerning private individual, sidestepping the cumbersome bureaucracy that often entangles the monopolistic power grids. Yet, it is not limited to this realm alone. The success story of Neutrino Power Cubes, etched with positive operational experiences and expansive market reach, will inevitably pave the way for a gradual integration into the energy portfolios of select industrial corporations and utilities. Particularly significant will be their utility for enterprises exporting their wares to nations that have adopted the noble path of carbon taxation, for therein lies an opportunity to truly embrace a green and sustainable future.

The term “Neutrino Power Cube” more aptly fits the description of an energy converter-resonator rather than a conventional power generator. This innovative device operates by harnessing the latent potential within Louis de Broglie’s matter waves, found within the subtle radiation fields of the invisible spectrum, as well as the thermal (Brownian) motion exhibited by the atoms of graphene. The cornerstone of Neutrino Energy Group’s groundbreaking achievement resides in their multilayer nanomaterial, meticulously crafted with alternating layers of graphene and silicon infused with carefully chosen doping elements. Experimental data unequivocally demonstrates the extraordinary properties exhibited by graphene, a two-dimensional material, as compared to its three-dimensional counterpart, graphite.

Each two-dimensional material, like graphene, introduces a realm of unprecedented possibilities across a diverse spectrum of applications, redefining the landscape of solid-state physics. Graphene’s discovery heralded a new era in materials science. Central to the composition of the nanomaterial crafted by the Neutrino Energy Group is the exceptional substance known as graphene. When scrutinized through the lens of a high-resolution microscope, the observer is treated to a mesmerizing display of vibrations reminiscent of the undulating waves gracing the surface of the sea. In this intricate dance, adjacent regions oscillate between concave and convex curvature, reflecting the profound impact of matter waves and temperature. It is the vigor of these vibrations within the graphene lattice, driven by the interplay of matter waves and temperature, that governs both the frequency and amplitude of these “graphene waves”.

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The captivating phenomenon known as “graphene waves” serves as the catalyst for the generation of electrical currents. These harmonious undulations, when guided into a state of resonance, orchestrate intricate symphonies at the microcosmic level, delicately transforming the inherent thermal agitations of graphene’s atomic realm and the boundless energy contained within matter wave particles into the graceful flow of electric charge. In the ethereal dance of “graphene waves,” the fusion of magnetic and electric fields gives rise to the emergence of an electromotive force (EMF) within every stratum of this remarkable material.

One plausible rendition of the mechanism responsible for transmuting matter wave energy into electric current posits the electron’s orbital rotation around the nucleus of a graphene atom as a pivotal player. This motion engenders a subtle yet potent etheric breeze, a byproduct of the electrons’ intricate choreography within matter waves. Under the enchanting influence of this etheric zephyr, the crystalline lattice of graphene awakens, entering into a harmonious resonance with the celestial winds, and in this elegant synchrony, a cascade of electron flow is gracefully unshackled.

The exemplary endeavors of the Neutrino Energy Group serve as a compelling testament to the profound allure these pioneering innovations have cast upon the behemoths of industry. It is a resounding declaration of the keen attention lavished upon the evolution of energy technologies that transcend the confines of conventional fuel. These advancements hold promise not only for the revolution of power generation but also for the electrification of transportation and a multitude of other domains. Their very essence heralds a forthcoming metamorphosis of the energy landscape, promising a profound transformation in the not-so-distant horizon.

This is a translation from Russian; the original article can be found here: Энергорезонатор Neutrino Power Cube: мир без ископаемого топлива всё ближе

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